Q: My kids are only at the beginner level, are they supposed to be at the club hosted meets? 

A:  Yes and no… For USA Diving events it’s not required and it’s a great learning opportunity for all levels of divers. It’s exciting to see their progress over time. For inter-squad meets, yes, because they are a lot of fun, and a team-only event that helps each diver see what it’s like at low stress environment meet. There are awards and prizes for the kids and it’s a great time for them to show Mom and Dad or Grandparents what they’ve been working on.

Q: What do FC and JO stand for?

A: FC is “Future Champions” and JO is “Junior Olympics”. These are USA Diving acronyms and they don’t coincide with our team categories like Tiger Tracks I-IV. FC levels are based on the complexity (or degree of difficulty) of the dives a diver is able to perform and are independent of age. JO on the other hand assumes the diver has achieved a required set of dives and the divers are grouped by age.

Q: How many club meets do we have per year? 

A:  Typically we host two meets, one in the spring (March) and another in the fall (October).  These meets are used to help raise funds for the team, provide an opportunity to compete, and have fun! Be on the lookout on the calendar.

Q: What are water sprayers in the pool for?

A: The water sprayers help disturb the surface of the water so the divers can tell where the water is. It’s very difficult trying to perform a complex dive and not be able to locate the surface of the water.

Q: Why do the divers dry off between dives with their Sammy?

A: Divers will often have to perform flips and in order to do this they have to grip their legs tightly, if they are wet they will slip and this could cause them to come out of the rotation too soon…not a good thing!  In addition, it’s cold and being dry on the deck is nice!

Q: What is the degree of difficultly and what is with the dive numbering?

A: The degree of difficulty (DD) is used to score a dive. The higher the DD the greater the potential for more points. For example, if you have 5 judges score a DD dive of 2.0 and they give the following scores: 7,8,8.5,9, and 5 … the highest and lowest will be dropped out which leaves the diver with three scores: 7, 8, and 8.5. These scores are summed up: 7+8+8.5=23.5 then this total is multiplied by the DD. in this case 2×23.5 = 47.  One thing you might notice is that a diver may be getting lower scores than another diver but the one with the lower scores is winning….that may be because the DD for them is higher.  For more information visit http://www.usadiver.com/dd_table.htm

As far as the dive numbering system e.g. 101, 203c; there is a method to the madness: http://diving.about.com/od/rules/a/diveNumbers.htm

Q: How to competitions work and how do I volunteer?

A: Diving is a competitive sport and half the fun of learning new skills is being able to showcase them in a competitive atmosphere. FISHERS DIVING will periodically have inter-squad meets for ALL class divers that will provide a fun, low-pressure way to experience diving competition in our own pool. Occasionally, we may have the opportunity to compete against other diving teams around the Indianapolis area. All divers in classes and Teams will be encouraged to attend these meets that will be designed to allow divers to demonstrate their current skills. Fishers Team and National team divers are required to travel and compete throughout the country at the Regional and National level as well as in various diving invitationals. Fishers Diving hosts 2 meets per year that parents are expected to assist with for a minimum of 2 shifts. If you are unable to assist for your required shifts, there is a $25.00 absentee fee you will be required to pay to cover the costs of hiring people to fill your position. As we do not have a Booster club and do not require any fundraising, we utilize these meets to fund our program throughout the year.  Information about signups will be made available through the site.

Q: How do I register my child for a meet using Divemeets.com?

A: Divemeets.com is a site used to register divers for USA diving sanctioned events. Unfortunately, it’s not the most intuitive and it can be painful for anyone with two or more kids registering (you have to go through the entire process for each child). Fortunately, Kim Wang has put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process to ease the pain. This file is available for download in PDF on the main page (bottom right, under files), or you can select the link here: http://fishersdiving.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Directions-for-Divemeets.pdf

If for some reason the coach(or coaches) hasn’t sent out the dive lists and you are unable to contact them prior to the registration deadline, go ahead and place them in the events you think they’ll be in and enter some bogus dives (they must be legitimate per USA diving rules). These CAN be changed after the fact by the coach or upon registration at the event. At least this way you’ll be sure to avoid any late entry fees. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to post them on the message board. You’re sure to get a response from either the coaches or other parents who have been through the process.